C25k, Flowers, & Ice Cream

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there!


On Friday I didn’t have to be to work until 7:45; an hour later than usual so I took advantage of that extra hour to complete day two of the Couch to 5k Challenge which I started last Monday. I’ve always wanted to be a runner and there’s never a better time than now! I was up at 5:15 and hopped on the treadmill by 5:30. Two words… not fun! I loved my first round of C25K, but this one… not so much! I think it was for two different reasons; I hadn’t slept well the night before so I was exhausted and I hadn’t eaten yet. 

I’ve definitely learned that I need a minimum of an hour in the morning before I workout. I figured I would give this method a try but it just wasn’t for me. I need plenty of sleep and some protein before my workouts. I learned that I can’t sneak an AM workout in without those two things so that will not be happening again! I’ll just have to make time during my day or evening to fit my workouts in. 


As some of you may know, this past week was Teacher Appreciation week so work was very rough! The beginning of the week was a lot more difficult than the end. I just wasn’t in the game, but I’m doing better now. As I make posts, you’ll see my choices getting better and healthier as time goes on. I’m still working on making healthier choices and working on moderation. Moderation is huge for me! I try to remind myself that I’m a work in progress. This lady is under construction! 


Anyway, one of the awesome parents brought us the cutest little bags! Yes, those are white chocolate covered pretzels! A handful replaced my morning snack, I’ll admit it! They were excellent. But, like I said… moderation. I still have some left 🙂


Every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day my mom, and my grandma, and I have a tradition where we go to the farmer’s market shopping for carloads of flowers and then stop at Panera for breakfast on our way home. 


On our way to the market, we stopped off at Speedway and grabbed a hot chocolate. The mornings are always super cool so a warm drink is nice and hot chocolate is a great treat that I don’t nearly as often as I’d like. 



This is the ONE time every year that I go to Panera so I splurged on my favorite Panera breakfast; chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese. I also got an iced green tea. 

This feels weird to say, but the bagel wasn’t everything I remembered. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but since I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle, the sugary things I used to love just don’t taste the same. They’re not as savory as they used to be. 

You’ll learn quickly that Wednesday evenings and Saturdays are designated Boyfriend Time. I absolutely love my Saturdays filled with movies, laughing, long walks, and yummy meals. Oh, and naps of course. I love my Saturdays naps. It’s my one time every week to just relax. 

After we dropped flowers off at home, I hurried upstairs to shower and get ready for the day before heading over to my boyfriend’s. Boyfriend picked dinner and we ended up at Kerby’s Coney Island. I’m not a fan of the environment, or the staff at this location, but the salad is totally worth it!


I love their BBQ chicken salad minus tomato, egg, and onion (I still struggle with veggies) with pita bread on the side. I ordered my salad with water and a diet Pepsi. 

I didn’t used to enjoy pop nearly as much as I do now, but the last 6 months or so I crave caffeine more often. To help keep my pop consumption under control, my rule is that I can only have it when I go out to eat at a restaurant and I stick to one and one only. 

My boyfriend used to get the burger and fries until he tried my salad one time, now we both get it every time. He gets it with everything on it except onion by my request. I can taste the onion with every kiss for like two days! They’re very strong!


After dinner, we made a pitstop at Cold Stone which we haven’t done in quite a while! This time I ordered a small peanut butter signature creation.  Ice cream (my weakness) is perfectly fine to eat… in MODERATION! As we stood in line to order, size wasn’t even a choice for me. My immediate response now is small. Earlier on in my journey, my first choice would have been large and anything less just wouldn’t have been satisfying. Even though I still get ice cream cravings, I give into them with smaller portions. 

Some people have judged when they see me eat some ice cream, or drink a pop, or eat a cookie because they see me as being “on a diet.” My least favorite word – diet. It’s a disgusting word, and frankly, I believe wholeheartedly that diets are a useless waste of time. That’s just my opinion! Diets mean that it’s a dramatic change for a short period of time. I’m making small changes for life. 

Anyway, I can’t have restrictions. Restrictions make me want it more and I say no, no, no so many times that the craving grows and eventually I binge on everything in sight. When I have a craving, it’s easiest for me to give in and eat the food in a small portion instead of setting myself up for a binge later on. One thing I promised myself is that I won’t stop living my life just because I’m choosing to live a healthier one. I’ll always eat ice cream, and pizza, and pasta, and other delicious things. I’ll enjoy them, but I’ll eat smaller portions and continue to work on balancing those choices with exercise and healthier choices throughout my day. 

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m not at my goal weight, I’m not a healthy lifestyle professional; I am a work in progress. I struggle on a daily basis. I make bad choices. I get lazy. Sometimes I eat too much. I do these things because I’m human and I’m overcoming a lifetime struggle. I’ll always have difficult days, but I’m well on my way to having less and less. 

Have you ever attempted the C25k challenge?
What are your Mother’s Day plans?
Is it easier for you to cut out sweets completely or eat them in smaller portions?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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