Monday Stress Eating

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday! It was a beautiful day here in Michigan! My day was filled with work until I sat down to dinner with my family. 


Dinner was delicious! BBQ chicken, beans, asparagus, potatoes, and half a corn bread muffin. I can’t eat an entire corn bread muffin anymore so I split one with my grandma. 


I had a pretty good day so dessert was brownie sundaes. My eyes were way bigger than my stomach and I threw half of it away (which is great!). Nothing tastes as good as it used to.

The rest of my night was spent on more homework. 


After my treat yesterday I planned on having a great week! I packed a healthy lunch filled with fruits and veggies and ate a Quest bar on my way to work with a tall iced water. 


A few hours later I was getting hungry so I had some carrots, water, and half a Coke (yes, I gave in to a Coke.) The carrots just didn’t hold me over so I grabbed another Quest bar and I was filled up for another few hours until I could sit down for lunch. 

Then the stress started… (Like I said on my About page, this blog is raw and honest. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly! Get ready for the bad and the very ugly…)

Yes, I said I was full, but that didn’t stop me. One of my biggest issues is stress eating. I’m terrible! I had a mini paper plate of mac & cheese, knowing I was about to sit down for lunch. 

I ended up getting sent home on break from work (our hours vary) and ate my tuna sandwich for lunch, but it didn’t stop there. Then I moved on to another bowl of ice cream (leftovers from yesterday). I was then informed I didn’t need to come back to work. That helped relieve some stress, but still I kept on eating. Like most overweight people, I find a comfort in food in all situations. Yummy food is always reliable. 

Instead of getting down on myself about it, I’m accepting my choices and moving on from them.

Here’s a list of things I could do instead of stress eating:

  • Blog about how I’m feeling
  • Stop, drop, and chug
  • Do some squats or sit-ups
  • Read my favorite blogs
  • Workout or go for a walk
  • Take a bath and read

It’s time to move on and have a better, healthier day! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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