Roses & Pizza

Well, Tuesday night did not end with a warm bath and good book. Instead, it ended with a shot of Nyquil and good sleep. My congestion got worse and my mom noticed. She sent me to bed…

It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult. Sometimes your mom still wins. So I went to sleep instead. 

Yesterday I worked a full shift (11 hours) and then spent the evening at my boyfriends. I was so very proud yesterday! My eating was right on track! I get 30 WW points a day and ended with 29 which hasn’t happened in a very, very long time! I still had quite a few points left when I left work and my boyfriend always has dinner ready when I get to his place so when I show up, what does he have? Chicken noodle soup and sandwiches. I thought it was just the sweetest thing. He knew I wasn’t feeling too well and figured soup was the best solution. I ate all of my soup, half of my sandwich, and an orange. 

On top of that, I also got another surprise!


A bouquet of roses. It’s the small, sweet gestures that bring the most joy. 

This morning, I ended up not having to go into work so I wasn’t in a hurry. I sat down for a quick, easy, low point breakfast. Nothing fancy.


1 c. cheerios, 1/2 c. skim milk, an apple, and iced water. 

My morning snack was a peanut butter Quest bar and 2 small cuties. 

Lunch was one square slice of pepperoni pizza, one small breadstick (leftovers from last night. I missed out on the fresh stuff!) with a side salad. Wait… pizza when you’re eating healthy? Yes! It’s all about moderation! ONE slice with a salad. Balance 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time marking recipes today so I can start posting some fun, yummy recipes to the blog!

What is your favorite food to splurge on?
What was the last gift you received?
What is your favorite breakfast?

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