Weekend Recap: Movies, Salads & WW Weigh Ins

The rest of my Thursday was really relaxing. I’ve finally taken some time for myself. Whenever someone hears what I have going on in my life their eyes go wide and they call me crazy for now slowing down. Well, it’s finally happening! I’ve slowed down. I’m not spending every second of everyday working or stressing about work when I’m not working. I’m slowing down because mentally, emotionally, physically, I can’t take much more. I’m tired. I’ve slowed down and I’m loving it! Life is too short. 


Thursday evening I completed week 2 day 1 of C25K and did really well! I worked up a good sweat and felt awesome. 


After my workout I took the dogs out spent a long time wandering around the yard with them waiting for my mom to get home.


They literally sit outside next to the driveway and stare down the road until they see her car. It’s the cutest thing. 


Later on we had some wicked storms roll through. I curled up on the couch with the dogs and watched TV until it was time for bed. Like I said, it was not exciting, but I loved it!


Friday was another yucky day! I spent all day at work and then came home and watched movies while I did homework. Since it was Friday the 13th there was a lot of scary movies and spoof movies on. I watched two of my favorites – Haunted House (on the screen) and part of Haunted House 2 – while I cuddled with Coby.


Then I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the newest one). Even though I was at home, I was not watching alone. Even though I’ve seen it plenty of times I still got scared when the guy cooking dinner goes to the basement and finds Leatherface. I called my boyfriend and he sat on the phone with me while I watched it, but it worked because he’s a horror movie fanatic and he was watching too. Even though it was a Friday night I’m pretty sure I was passed out shortly after ten. It had been a long week and I was tired!


Saturday was yet another yucky, rainy day but that’s spring in Michigan for you! I was up really early because of another nasty storm that came through. It was SO LOUD and by time it was over I was wide awake. There was no going back to sleep after that. 

Instead I decided to take advantage of the quiet, rainy morning and get some writing done. It was absolutely perfect. I laid back in bed and went into my own little world. 

After a while I got ready and headed out to my boyfriend’s house. It was a really relaxing movie marathon kind of day. We ate a late lunch/early dinner at T.G.I Friday. Saturdays are probably my least healthy day each week and I ended up ordering the Jack Daniel’s burger with fries. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t even finish it! I left a quarter of my burger and a handful of fries and my boyfriend added it to his plate. We also made a Cold Stone stop after. It was a great day. 

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a while that I actually did something. Usually Sundays are dedicated to relaxing and working at home, but instead I woke up early and got some homework done while I ate an apple and drank my iced water. 


A little while later I headed over to my friend Amy’s. 


We went to lunch at the Tilted Kilt and I behaved myself! I ordered a chicken Caesar salad and drank three big glasses of iced lemon water. I also ate a few of Amy’s parmesan garlic fries. So, so yummy.


After lunch Amy and I walked over to the movie theater to see The Jungle Book. 


This movie theater sells alcohol and I don’t drink very often so I ordered a Mike’s and I only ended up drinking about a third of it. I also grabbed a Milky Way bites to snack on. For the first half of the movie  I had a few here and there and I started thinking I wasn’t even going to finish half the little bag, but before I knew it… it was gone. Was I disappointed in myself? A little, but then I remembered the good choices I had made the rest of the day and I felt a lot better! I still felt like I was making progress.


Later on for dinner I had a piece of chicken, asparagus (ate about half) and a baked potato (about a quarter). I did great and monitored my portions, until the late night cravings sank in…. I ended up finishing up an old Dairy Queen that was sitting in the freezer. 

But… I did get good news! I had my second Habitat for Humanity interview last night and I got accepted to go on another trip! I’m already going to Honduras in July and now I’ll be traveling to Africa (Kenya) in September. I am thrilled! 


This morning, I started my day off really well. I was in a hurry to get to work so I had an apple and iced water on my way to work for breakfast. A few hours later I was getting hungry so I had some carrot sticks and a caramel rice cake for a morning snack. Like I said, I was in a rush this morning so I didn’t have time to pack a full lunch. Instead I just had some fruits to go with. I ate my tuna packet and two cuties for lunch but it wasn’t nearly enough! About an hour after lunch my head was pounding and I was really shaky. I knew it was because I had barely consumed any calories and I’d been moving all day long. I was really starting to struggle so I grabbed a quarter cup of chocolate chips and about 30 cheez-its. I know… not the healthiest choice, but I felt so much better getting something else in my stomach. 


For dinner I had a salad that had a ton of stuff. I grabbed anything I could find. I had a few pepperonis, smoked ham, turkey slices, cheese, and BBQ brisket sprinkled on top. So yummy and really filling! But I had my low point… M&Ms! There’s a giant bowl sitting on the counter. I did some thinking tonight though. I haven’t gone to any WW weigh ins because I wanted to give it a try without. Well… I’m going on Saturday morning to weigh in! I haven’t decided if I’ll stay for the meeting, but I need the accountability of an official weigh in. I really wanted to be able to do it without it… but, it’s not happening right now and that’s okay. I’m human and I have a long way to go, but I’ll keep going until I get there. 

Have you seen The Jungle Book?
Are you superstitious?
What are your favorite salad toppings?

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