Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Getaway & A Trip To The Zoo

Happy Friday! I’ve been making a lot of changes to my blog and figuring out what works best for me so I think I will try to post my updates or “weekend recaps” every Friday! 

On Tuesday after my long walk I got a lot of work done in the morning and then got caught up on my homework. 

In the afternoon I took a break and headed off to a local used bookstore. I absolutely love this place and they even have my book on their shelves! I ended up with 5 new books for only $20!

My appetite still wasn’t very big and I hadn’t eaten since my banana before my workout so I decided to swing through the Panera Bread drive-thru for a late lunch. I grabbed a chicken Caesar salad and it was excellent! I also grabbed an iced green tea. 

Later after I got home, I took my writing to the backyard and wrote in the shade while the dogs ran around like wild wolves on Red Bull. 

I agreed to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with my readers so I really felt the need to share my Tuesday night with you. Later on I sat on the front porch and had an ice cream drumstick with my mom since I knew I’d been really good all day. After that, we did some running and ended up swinging into DQ. Instead of a blizzard, I ordered a small, chocolate covered twist. For dinner later I had a hotdog with baked beans and watermelon. 

Later on that night I added up my WW points and fell apart. If you are or have ever been on a weight loss journey, you’ve probably had one too. I ended up at 63 daily points and I’ve had worse before. I’ve also seen people end up in the 100s so I know this was not the bad. Looking back on it now, I know this, but at the time it just got to me. I had a really rough night, but thankfully my boyfriend was right there to talk me off that mental ledge and see my journey for what it is; a journey with ups and downs. A journey with a lot of mistakes, but a journey that is really working. He reminded me of my accomplishments and progress which perfectly explains why he’s my rock.

He reminded me of what I stand for. I do not want to be on a strict journey. I’m not missing out on amazing things or letting my journey to health and happiness stand in the way of me enjoying my life. I can’t let this rule my every thought.

I wanted to share my meltdown with my readers because there might be someone out there who needs to hear this message; stop letting your weight loss rule your life. Don’t break down because you had some extra ice cream or an extra slice of pizza. Don’t punish yourself with crazy stress. Get over it. Just move on and make better choices. The world isn’t ending because of it, I promise. 

Before work on Wednesday I filled up my Panera cup with hot lemon water which is great for digestion, and I filled my other cup with iced green tea. 

Wednesday night I took some “me time” before bed and painted my nails! I went with orange for my toenails and pink fingernails with green polish on my ring finger for an extra little pop.

I was seriously craving a big bowl of topping covered ice cream that night, but I resisted. Instead of going for the ice cream I sliced up an apple and drizzled it with Hershey’s syrup and some sprinkles. Healthiest snack? No, but an apple under the chocolate and sprinkles is better than ice cream!

Yesterday morning I packed for my weekend getaway, and Jake was a huge help… obviously. 

After I got done packing I had a cup of Cheerios with skim milk and a plate of pineapple and watermelon! I love having fresh fruit with breakfast. 

Yesterday was also one year since we had to put Diesel down so it was a pretty sentimental day. He was so good at stopping to smell the flowers. 

Thursday afternoon my boyfriend and I took off for our little getaway. We love taking mini vacays to just relax and escape the real world for a while. We got to our hotel last night and walked over to Kerby’s Coney Island. I always get the BBQ chicken salad. In fact, I’ve never gotten anything else from Kerby’s before except the salad. That changed last night. I really wasn’t in a mood for a salad so instead I got the chicken club which was awesome! I hadn’t had their famous coney fries in a while, so I also grabbed some of those and shared them with my boyfriend.

This morning my boyfriend I were up before 7 AM (I’m an early bird) and we got breakfast at the hotel. I had one biscuit with gravy and two turkey sausages. I planned on eating the banana, but as soon I opened the banana it was mush. I also grabbed a small carton of skim milk and a cup of green tea. 

After breakfast my boyfriend and I headed out to the Detroit Zoo. We had planned on driving to Toledo, but there were thunderstorms all day so we stayed closer to home. It ended up being a beautiful day in Detroit! Their brand new penguin exhibit was excellent!

Excuse my obnoxious amount of pictures. I love the zoo…

I was beat. I checked my Fitbit progress as soon as we got back and I was so excited! It wasn’t even noon and I’m close to my goal for the day! I love fun workouts!

What is your favorite dessert substitution?
What are you doing for the long weekend?
When was the last time you went to the zoo?
What is something you’ve learned during your darkest times?

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