A Low-Key Week With A Hint of Love

Happy Friday! 

I left off last Friday when my boyfriend and I spent the morning at the zoo. We spent the rest of our Friday relaxing and splurged on pizza and ice cream later on!

On Saturday we barely left the room until dinner. We had a really relaxing day watching TV and movies and went out to Applebee’s later on. 

On Sunday we took another day trip! We headed to The Henry Ford & Greenfield Village; one of my all time favorite places. I love history and this is the perfect place for any history geek! Last weekend was the Civil War Remembrance , which we didn’t realize until we got there. It was even better than we expected!

It was a cloudy day, but the humidity was insane so I definitely didn’t mind the lack of sun!

When we were walking through the village a woman pulled us aside and offered us two wristbands that allow you all day access to all rides (horse drawn carriages, the ferry, or a model-T). She and her husband are members so they get them automatically and didn’t plan on using them for this visit so she wanted to give them away so somebody could use them instead of letting them go to waste. It was so sweet of her so we took them and went on a carriage ride before we left. 

After we left Greenfield Village we went into Henry Ford to look around. I love looking at the history inside! They have the car that Kennedy was assassinated in, the theater chair Lincoln was using when he was assassinated, the bus that Rosa Parks sat on, and more. 

My boyfriend sat for a photo in a jail cell that represented the Women’s Rights section.

We ended up doing even more walking on this day trip than we did at the zoo! Because of the extra events, it took much longer than we expected and we stayed well into the afternoon. We were pretty hungry when we left so we made a stop at our favorite Olive Garden for a late lunch before heading back to the hotel for the day. 

We got up and left the hotel Monday morning and by the time I got home I was pretty hungry! I know the photo is a hot mess so I apologize for that, but I promise it was delicious! I’m back on my points for the week so I had an apple (0), 1 TBSP hummus (1), pita chips (2), and 4 TBSP PB2 (3). I love finding random items and mixing them together! 

Later on in the evening I decided to try a new tactic. Since I’ve struggled with my accountability I decided to give the Weight Watchers 24/7 Chat a try and I’m so glad I did! It’s like weight loss therapy. Seriously. Talking to someone whose been there and understands the journey was so helpful. We discussed the awesome progress I made in the beginning and how I strayed from my progress. I also got some great tips on how to get back on track. I will definitely be using this feature again!


Tuesday morning I was up with the sun. I grabbed 1/4 cup of oatmeal for breakfast with 1 teaspoon of light brown sugar before heading out for a morning walk. I had planned on getting back to my C25K, but I slacked on my water over the long weekend and my legs have been cramping a bit so I decided to hold off on the jogging for today. 


On Tuesday I also decided to make another step in my healthy lifestyle progress. I finally planned out my meals for the week. I just downloaded a printable sheet from Google planned out some really point-friendly meals and snacks during the day. I include point values and then leave a pretty big number of points leftover for my dinner. I don’t plan my dinners because some nights are last minute restaurant runs or I’m having dinner with the family, whatever that may be. It’s hard to determine dinner every night in advance so this system seems to work really well for me. 


For dessert this week I found an awesome idea on pinterest. Split a banana in two and cover it with strawberries, a drizzle of Hershey’s syrup, and sprinkles. It’s low in points, calories and it’s delicious! It’s the perfect late night chocolate craving fix. 

Friday was a miserable day, but instead of coming home and going on a binge I decided to workout instead! I finally got back to my C25K. I’ll admit, it was the toughest one I’ve done so far but not because of the jogging. It was just my body. I was dizzy, weak, and just kind of out of it. I managed to complete week 2 though! I was really proud of myself for the decisions I made! 

Saturday morning weigh in was awesome! I managed to lose 2.5 pounds which means I am less than a pound away from hitting a 50 pound loss! I’m currently at my lowest adult weight!


Later on, my boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. I decided to behave myself and planned on getting the caesar salad, but the waiter told me that they just removed it so it wasn’t an option. Instead I got another dish that I had been eyeing . It had spaghetti, chicken, bacon, tomato, and broccoli. It was delicious!! 

Sunday and Monday weren’t the most point-friendly days by any means, but I did track both so that’s an accomplishment for me! On rough days I tend to ignore my tracking and move on the next day, but I know that’s the worst thing you could do. I tracked both days and thankfully, they weren’t nearly as bad as I expected them to be. 

I’m still completely ready for weigh in this week!

Do you have a favorite museum?
What’s your favorite thing to order at Olive Garden?
What’s your favorite healthy dessert?

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