Meal Planning & Pizza Dates

Good morning! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! This week was most definitely not the greatest in terms of healthy choices, but I have some pretty ironic and awesome news! As of this morning I am only 0.1 lbs away from a total loss of 50! Yes, my journey is slow and it’s definitely not perfect, but I’m getting there!

Anyway, Tuesday was a pretty long day at work and I was far too busy to eat my snacks and meals throughout the day so by time I left I was starving. I went over to Shakeer’s house.

Note: I won’t even bother with ‘my boyfriend’ anymore. He’s in my blog pretty often, so we might as well be on first name basis. 


This is Shakeer; my boyfriend of two and half years. He’s also the face behind PowBlockGaming.


Anyway, I had a work commitment on Wednesday when I usually spend time with him, but  I was clear after work on Tuesday so I headed over to his place. I hadn’t eaten much that day and I was really craving some Applebee’s french fries. I’ve mentioned before that french fries are one of my weaknesses! We went out for dinner and completely satisfied my craving! I ordered the Maple Bacon Chicken wrap, but couldn’t finish it! It was really filling. 


One of the things that really keeps me on track is planning my meals. I just googled some cute meal plan charts and picked this one from It’s cute, simple, and it keeps me organized. I get anxiety when I’m not sure what kind of temptation I’ll be facing, or what kind of choices I’ll make without a plan, but as long as I keep a meal plan nearby, I feel unstoppable. I lose all of my anxiety and I’m not stuck having to make better choices. I just go with my plan and I don’t even think about other foods! 

Also, I never plan my dinners. Some nights are leftovers, some nights I eat whatever is made at home, other nights I end up going out to dinner. I just choose small, point-friendly meals throughout the day so when dinner time rolls around I’m not stressing over points. 


On Saturday morning Shakeer and I headed to the first showing of The Conjuring 2. He’s a scary movie fanatic. I, on the other hand, am not. I hid in his jacket for most of it, but from the parts I did see, it was a pretty good movie, and I love Patrick Wilson! 


Neither of us had eaten, so after our movie ended, we stopped at Buddy’s Pizza for lunch. They have almost everything, but they’re obviously known for their awesome pizza! I ordered a side Caesar salad before the pizza came out. I figure it’s better to fill up on a little salad and lemon water before the pizza comes out so I don’t go crazy. 


Shakeer and I ordered the Detroiter pizza. Most of their pizzas have a Detroit theme to them; I love that. I ended up having two slices along with my salad and then sipping water. I also left our leftovers at Shakeer’s place so I wouldn’t be tempted to finish them at home. 

We even splurged on ice cream later on! Yes, I indulged on all three of my weaknesses this week, and I still managed to lose! It’s possible to eat your favorite foods and still work towards a healthier lifestyle. Moderation is key. 

Where do you get your favorite pizza?
Are you a fan of scary movies?
Do you plan your meals?

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