Habitat For Humanity Shopping Haul

Habitat For Humanity is a great way to contribute to helping others and I’m going on my first mission to Honduras in less than three weeks! I’ll be going on my second mission to Kenya in September! 

I had a lot of shopping to do for this trip because it certainly isn’t the relaxing cruise I’m used to, but I am beyond excited! It took a lot of research to come up with a good list so I thought I’d share what I bought in hopes of helping someone else out! 

After watching multiple videos, I came to a very big conclusion; NO SUITCASE! Originally I planned on packing my smallest suitcase and a backpack… but no; apparently that’s a bad idea. My leader posted a really informative video that showed how to fit everything we need into a single backpack. Note: Everything listed below was purchased at Walmart. They really do have it all! 

Ozark Trail Montpelier Backpack: ($49.97)
My step-dad picked out this backpack and I thought it was perfect. I wanted to go for the cute one, but I needed to go for functionality. It’s big enough to carry everything I need, but still small enough for easy transport and to work as a carry-on. It was also a really decent price for a high quality, durable backpack that will last. 


Packable Dry Sack: ($7.97)
I’m using the green dry sack to carry my stuff to and from the work site every day. It rolls into a 6 inch ball and it’s durable. 

Inca Trail Eva Poncho: ($6.97)
A rain poncho is highly recommended especially this time of year. It’s the rainy season in Honduras so I picked out a reusable poncho just in case! 

Ditty Bag 3-Pack: ($4.97)
A separate bag for dirty laundry is also recommended so I purchased a 3 pack of drawstring bags. I figure they could come in handy for a lot of things! 

Hand Sanitizer with Aloe: ($1.52)
Because… better safe than sorry. 

Travel Containers: ($0.97)
Traveling with just a carry-on is a huge pain for one reason; TSA!! It really limits your options so you have to make a special trip before flying with just a carry on, especially girls! I’ll be able to fill them with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash! It’s a lot cheaper to fill them at home instead of buying brand new travel size toiletries from the store. 


Smartphone Watertight Case: ($5.97)
I have a feeling this case will be extremely useful. It’s the perfect size for my iPhone, my passport, cash, and debit/credit card. It’ll keep those things locked and dry while they’re in my bag. 

OFF: ($4.97)
The insects in Honduras are known for carrying a lot of disease (like Zika) so bug repellent is really important.

Disposable Razors: ($5.47)
Razor blades aren’t allowed in carry-on luggage so I have to settle for a cheap pack of disposable razors!

Sunscreen: ($2.47)
Unfortunately, according to the TSA, sunscreen is considered a liquid and cannot be carried in any bottle larger than 3.4 OZ so I had to buy multiple travel size bottles of sunscreen. I bought SPF 50, water-resistant sunscreen. If I do happen to run out (I have really fair skin) I’m sure I can borrow some, or find a place to purchase a bottle. 


SUBZERO Insulated Bottle: ($9.97)
The video I watched also recommended bringing your own water bottle to fill at the job site.

Toothbrush/Toothpaste Travel Kit:
Prepackaged, TSA compliant, and ready to go!

Flashlight: ($1.00)
I’m not positive what the conditions will be so you never know when you may need a flashlight!


Mechanix Gloves: ($19.96)
Work gloves are also highly recommended so I picked up a pair of Mechanic gloves. My step-dad insisted on this brand. They’re super comfortable so I think they’ll be perfect to build in. 

Do you have any recommendations for what to bring on a Habitat mission? 

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