Sunsets, Meal Prep, & Grocery Shopping


On Friday I was so glad it was finally the end of the week! It was far too long. 



I planned on getting a lot of work done after I got home from work but the neighbors invited us over a bonfire and that sounded much more relaxing! I sat back with a drink and enjoyed the fire, sparklers, and glow sticks. They’re not just for kids 🙂

I stayed up way past my bedtime and ended up sleeping in on Saturday and skipping my weigh in. I just weighed in at home instead. 


I completely forgot to grab breakfast before I left the house for the day and I was starving. After spending a couple of hours at Shakeer’s we headed up to Kirby’s and I got a BBQ chicken salad. It comes with a side of pita as well. It was delicious and super filling! 


After our early lunch we went on another walk. It’s been so nice to get out and get some sun and exercise. I really need to start packing my workout shoes and clothes. In this heat, the sweat is inevitable. We haven’t been walking as long as I’d like so I don’t get my clothes yucky, but I think packing a set to workout in would make a huge difference and I could get a great workout in on Saturdays. I know Shakeer would be all for it too. Plus, he lives right near an elementary school and I think it would be a great idea to take advantage of the playground equipment. I’ll definitely have to look up some playground workouts like pull ups on monkey bars, for example! 


On Sunday morning, I went out to breakfast with my parents and then we headed to Walmart. I leave for my Habitat for Humanity trip to Honduras in less than three weeks so I had a lot of shopping to do and I knew I would need their help! You can read about my Habitat For Humanity Shopping Haul here!


After we got home I spent a few hours working on homework and the blog and before I knew it, it was late afternoon. I knew we’d be having a big dinner and I ate far too much at breakfast earlier that morning, so I just settled for a snack. I had a small cup of salsa (2 points), seven chips (4 points), and an apple!


Honestly, the rest of my week flew by! I’ve been working a lot so unfortunately, the fun work (my blog and writing) has been pushed to the side. But, I still found some time to workout on Tuesday! I didn’t have to work as early as usual so I got up and went for a 2 mile walk. I’ve been wanting to get back into strength training as well. It’s so important to tone while you’re losing weight to avoid excess skin later. I searched through some apps and downloaded SWORKIT. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to this weekend! 


Check out that sky! 


One of the things I’ve been struggling with the most lately is desserts. Like… bad. I can have a great day, but come night time I want ice cream and chocolate! So here is another substitution I managed to whip up this week. Eventually I’ll get to no dessert except on occasions, but I’m not there yet, so I’m still substituting for now.


I love this shirt… can you tell? I have a few different colors. They’ll be perfect for building in Honduras!


I’ve really been wanting to get more into meal prepping and planning so on Thursday night I went after work and spent nearly an hour and a half grocery shopping. I made a long list of foods needed for prepping and a few other lists full of ingredients I’ll be sharing here on my blog soon! There’s lots to look forward to. 


This morning when I woke up, it was a downpour and I thought getting out of bed might kill me. It was the perfect day to stay in bed, but instead I worked all day and then headed out to dinner with a friend. It was a long, long week and I really feel like the long holiday weekend and my planning ahead will make a big difference on my outlook on health and my attitude.

One day at a time.

What is your favorite meal to prep?
What’s your go-to dessert substitution?
Have you tried SWORKIT?

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