22 Candles Later

I’m officially 22.

I’m not really into my birthday, but I’m so lucky to have such an amazing family and group of friends that made my day so special this year. 

My birthday weekend kicked off on Friday night after work when I met my friend, Amy for Mexican food at our usual meeting place. 

I’ve got to get into the habit of always taking pictures. I get so caught up at restaurants that I just forget!


When I got home from dinner, my mom had my “night before my birthday” bag waiting. For each birthday my mom will give us a bag of all of our favorite things.


Instead of the usual candy and junk food, my mom loaded mine up with lots of organic, healthy substitutes. I got pretzel crisps, healthier chips with salsa, organic cereals, Quest bars, Honest teas, and Bai drinks. I did get two candies, but the rest made up for it! 


Since my friends and I were planning on a beach day for my birthday on Saturday I figured I should try to slip into my old bathing suit. I haven’t worn it in well over a year, so I was really excited to see how it fit. I slipped it on and thankfully it felt great. 


Unfortunately, we didn’t really get swimming weather which hasn’t happened on my birthday for years. Normally I get really nice weather! It was a little chilly, but still warm enough to sit outside. 


We still had a great time! Shakeer and I spent nearly four hours on the beach with a few of my friends and it was really relaxing. The perfect way to spend my birthday. 


Lunch was hotdogs and I don’t eat them very often anymore considering they’re not the healthiest choice so I definitely enjoyed them this time! I also had a sparkling pink grapefruit Bai. It was so crisp and refreshing. I love that they come in cans. 



Shakeer and I stayed for almost four hours before heading back to his place for gifts and dinner later on. I was getting far too relaxed on the beach and really wanted to head back to his place and turn on a movie. I love laid-back days. 

That’s exactly what we did! We headed back and turned on a movie. 


Later on in the evening we ordered a pizza. I’ve really been enjoying myself this week food-wise. I’m hitting it hard with my points and workouts when I get back from my trip!


Even went for the ice cream with my mom this week! 


We’ve had some really crazy hot weather this week and watched the storm clouds roll in one night. 

Most of this post revolves around my birthday weekend when I had a lot going on. The rest of my week was nuts! I’ve been working a ton of hours, shopping for my trip, attempting to do my homework whenever I get a chance, and just prepping for my week away. It’s been completely insane, but totally worth it. I’m so excited to head out on my trip. 

Lastly, I had an awesome realization this week. I’ll definitely admit that I’ve been eating like crap all week, not even worrying about what I’ve been putting into my body and how much I’ve been putting into my body. My realization… I hate it. This week made me realize how much I have really enjoyed my lifestyle change. I’ve loved how my body has changed, I’ve loved that I’ve been making decisions, and I’ve loved how those decisions have made me feel. Seeing the difference in how I feel when I eat healthier has made me realize why I started this journey and why I continue on it everyday. 

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