Weekend Recap: Cleaning Clutter, Milford Memories, & Shakeology

In case you haven’t noticed, I rarely ever release blogs on a Sunday. I usually prep for the week, but it just feels like a blog kind of day and I have lots of bits and pieces to catch up on. 


Lately I’ve been feeling so cluttered. Not just my closet (please see the hot mess above), but just in general. So last Sunday I thought it might be a good idea to pick a project and get down to business. I opted for my closet which has been driving me nuts. 


I literally threw out the majority of my clothes and put them in bags to get donated. I love cleaning spaces out and just tossing things into bags. It’s really invigorating. 


I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my mom. We got some errands done and then stopped at Subway. We brought lunch home and watched Pitch Perfect 2; my favorite.


On Wednesday I didn’t have to work and I was so excited. I got up early and did another round of Couch to 5K before getting some work done. As soon as I was finished I headed over to Shakeer’s. We stopped into Bath & Body Works last Saturday so I could use a gift card that his mom had given to me for my birthday last month. I was so excited to use it! Unfortunately, they said their power had gone out the night before so they were unable to accept debit cards and gift cards until everything was back up and running. I bought a few things since I was almost completely out of body wash and decided I would just have to go back. Two trips to Bath & body works? No problem!

After that we stopped into the GNC right next store for some Lean shakes and Quest bars. 


On our way back to his place we stopped into Panera for lunch. I was starving and I’ve been craving it for a while. I picked the chicken caesar salad with iced green tea. 

It was so nice to spend an extra day together. 


Friday morning I got up and headed out for an early morning walk. It’s been so hot and humid here in Michigan so I’ve been keeping all of my workouts inside. Lately I’ve been having a lot of dizzy spells and headaches (I’m thinking because of sinuses) so my workouts have been kind of slow. 

Instead of working on my Couch to 5K I went outside and went on a long walk.


…. even though Jake had a better idea. I resisted the nap!


After cleaning up from my workout I swung into the grocery store and picked up a few things. 

I worked until evening and then met up with my friend Amy for dinner. 


When I got home my mom was watching Hope Floats; my all-time favorite movie! I made it about halfway through before I fell asleep. 


Saturday morning Shakeer and I met up with a few of my friends at Milford Memories; a local art show downtown. 


I absolutely love walking through downtown Milford. It was a cloudy day but we still had so much fun and we made it back to Shakeer’s before the thunderstorms hit. 



I love all of the cool crafts. I found some awesome stuff. There are these really cool elephant photos that this one stand has had for a couple years, butI have no where to put them! I’ll definitely be saving some wall space for these once I get my own place. 


I’ve been craving a Verry Berry Hibiscus from Starbucks for a couple months but haven’t grabbed one, so I stopped at the one downtown and picked one up. Another bonus… the air-conditioning felt so good! 

After sitting at the park listening to a band play for a little while we said goodbye to everyone and left. Shakeer and I were both starving and we had both avoided the greasy “carnival” type food. Instead, we just stopped for lunch on the way back to his place. 

When we got back we put in Straight Outta Compton. I think I’m the only person who took this long to see it. 


When I got home today I was so excited to see that my Beachbody stuff had finally arrived! 


I went through all of my packets and papers and then whipped up a chocolate Shakeology for breakfast!


After breakfast I headed downstairs and completed week 3 of the Couch to 5K challenge. I’ll admit today’s workout was pretty tough to get through, but I’m so glad I finished it! 

I still have lots of meal prepping and planning to do today before starting my 21 Day Fix tomorrow! Let’s Get Ready!!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Cleaning Clutter, Milford Memories, & Shakeology

  1. Were you all in Milford Massachusetts? Or is there a place in Michigan called Milford too! It caught my eye because I was actually born there and raised in California. I have always wanted to go back but I haven’t yet! It sounds super cute.


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