Shinedown, Nutrition, & Realizations


Monday was yoga day! I don’t have my disc drive yet so I still have to improvise my workouts. Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the video I found. In my opinion, yoga is supposed to  be relaxing and calming, but this one just felt really fast-paced. I cut it short and headed outside for an hour long walk. The humidity has finally calmed down in Michigan so I’ve been going outside to workout as much as possible! 


After I cleaned up from my workout I got dressed in normal clothes. When I don’t have to go into work I tend to work from home in my pajamas and sweats all day and I’m trying to break that habit. Instead, I actually threw on some clothes and did my hair. I feel so much better when I do. 


I headed up to Panera for the morning to work. It’s my favorite place to get stuff done. There are no distractions like at home. I can crank through a ton of homework, blogging, and writing when I go up there. 


The whole place was pretty dead so it was perfect. 


After I finished up my work I headed over to Shakeer’s in the afternoon. I’d only had a banana for my morning snack so I was starving. I was craving the BBQ chicken salad I get from Kirby’s and there’s one pretty close to Shakeer’s house so we just decided to walk. It’s always good to get those extra steps in anywhere you can. 


It’s certainly not the healthiest of salads, but it’s SO GOOD.

We walked backed to his place and relaxed while I got some work done. 


I spent Tuesday morning working from bed. It was a really cloudy and rainy day so that felt like the perfect place to be. I would still take a nice office over bed any day though! 


I have really been taking advantage of the cooler weather lately. It hasn’t been as humid so after I got some work done I headed outside for my workout. I try to avoid the treadmill when I can. I find that my workouts last a lot longer when I’m not stuck in one place. I went for an hour but wanted to keep going because I get so lost in my music that I find it so relaxing, but I knew I had some things to do before heading to work in the afternoon so I had to cut it shorter than I would have liked. 


I had a banana after I got back before getting ready for the day. 



Before I left I had a little bit of time to do some meal prep. I made three big pieces of salmon to eat off of this week, plus four turkey burgers. I really try to meal prep at least once a week. I find that I eat so much better when the healthy options are already in front of me. 


I only had to go into work for a couple hours before I came back home. I finally ordered my disc drive on Amazon so I start my BB workouts soon!


I had a little work buddy, but he was clearly not as interested. 


Later on I had a snack; Carrots & Hummus. It’s my new favorite. I’ve been having it once a day. I HATE most veggies (I’m working on that!), but carrots are one of the few I like, and hummus is a really awesome treat. It tastes like it’s terrible for you, but it’s really not! That’s always an awesome surprise 🙂


I had a meeting later in the evening so after that a group of girls and I headed out to dinner. I picked up a grilled chicken caesar salad and ate about half. 

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my appetite level and my cravings for sweets  (NONE!) since I started my Shakeology on Sunday. It’s been awesome. It made making a choice at a restaurant much easier than it used to be. 


After I got back from dinner, I was done working for the day so I lit a pumpkin spice candle (I am so ready for fall!) and read in a bubble bath for a while. That’s one of my favorite ways to wind down before bed.


Last night was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been itching to go to a concert so my friend Amy and I got tickets to Shinedown; one of my favorite bands ever. I haven’t seen them in about two years so I was so excited. 

My eating has been so awesome and I didn’t want to ruin it with fast food on Thursday night so instead of making a stop at the concert or on my way to the concert, I packed a Quest bar in my bag to eat on the way there. 




The crowd was awesome and we had the perfect spot on the hill. When it comes to outside venues, lawn is always the way to go! That’s where the fun is!


Second Chance was by far the best performance of the night. The whole crowd went crazy for it and I loved all the lights. 

I was exhausted this morning trying to get out of bed for work. The fact that I made it through the day is a miracle, but it was so worth it!


I’ve been having the BEST week this week in regards to my nutrition. I’ve always struggled severely with it and the feeling I have had this week has been the most amazing feeling ever. To be actively changing my health and fitness and improving myself on this level feels incredible. I am so thankful for the changes I’ve made in my life recently that have led to this. For the first time ever, I feel completely accountable. 

It’s not only the feeling, but visuals like this that make me so proud of how far I’ve truly come. 


With that being said, I’ve been a little bored with turkey burgers, salmon, and tuna all week so to celebrate the weekend I opted for a cheat meal tonight; a slice of leftover pizza, a breadstick, and a big salad. 

To be totally honest, I was nervous that if I gave myself some slack I would lose control and take advantage of it. I was afraid to ruin my perfect streak, but I wanted to test myself and see how I would do. Thankfully, I didn’t even finish my plate and I was completely satisfied. It feels amazing to finally feel in control over my own body and my own choices.


After dinner I headed outside for my workout. I kept it kind of slow tonight.



I came back and hung out with the dogs outside for a little while before cleaning up and jumping into my work! 

My kinda Friday night!

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