Cats, Cats, Cats!


“Shakeer and I were leaving his house to go out to lunch today when we noticed a six week old kitten under his brother’s car. I got down and pulled it out so he wouldn’t get run over by accident and then I noticed his eye and just how skinny he was. He curled up into my lap as we drove him to an animal hospital with the intentions of getting him the help he would need and keeping him to give him a loving home. After looking him over the vet determined that he had conjunctivitis of the eye, neurological damage effecting his motor skills (he couldn’t walk straight), and severe damage from magets which had most likely already started to eat away at his intestines and inner flesh. We were given two choices: we could put him through an operation to find out just how bad the internal damage is and even then, he would most likely not make it due to the amount of damage already done, or have him euthanized and laid to rest. After a long talk we opted to have him put down. I didn’t want to put him through pain and suffering if there’s an extremely likely chance he wouldn’t make it anyway. It was an extremely difficult decision but we felt it was what was best for him. The vet allowed us to be with him during his final moments and he passed looking at the only two people in this entire world who fell in love with him and took care of him for the tiny bit that we could. Every animal deserves love and I wanted to give mine to him as long as I could. RIP Ozzy ❤️
Yes, I named him. He deserved a name.”

In case you didn’t see it on social media… this was my day last Saturday. I can’t stand to see ANY animal abandoned, alone, afraid, or in pain, and Ozzy was all of those things. But, his final moments were spent the only two people in this entire world who ever loved him or took care of him. When we weren’t physically touching him, he would raise his head and look around as if he was afraid we would leave him all alone because he’d never felt a loving touch before in his short 6 weeks on this Earth. Regardless of how he spent most of his days, only his last hour matters. He was warm. He was comfortable. He was safe. And most of all… he was loved and I believe he knew that. 

I want to avoid reliving the sadness as much as possible, but will think of Ozzy everyday. Before his final moment, I promised him that my Nana and Diesel would be waiting for him and they’d take care of him in Heaven. I know he’s in the best hands and he’s in a far better place. 

With that being said, we did add two new members to the family!



This is Sharon and Kelly (yes, as in Osborne. Shakeer and I already decided we will be getting two cats one day and naming them Jack & Ozzy Jr. in honor of Ozzy). We got them for my Grandma for her birthday, but I am so in love with them. We only planned on getting one cat, but the boy kittens were being taken by another family. If we took the girl kitten, leaving the momma all alone she would have been left to be put down and there is not way we could let that happen, so we took both and mom and daughter got to stay together!





I’ve always been more of a dog person, but after this weekend, I am officially both. I fell in love with all three of these sweet, loving, precious, and CUDDLY babies. 







I know if Ozzy had made it, Sharon would have nursed him back to health and been the best momma to him. But she will be in spirit. 





I’m so glad these cuddly little nuggets have joined the family and Ozzy is with us in spirit ❤

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