Happy Weekends <3

I hate to even admit that it’s been an entire week since I posted my last blog! I plan to get myself organized again and get back to posting at least a few times a week. Once life settles down a little bit I’ll be posting a lot more often. Especially recipes!

I’ve had so much going on and I was barely home at all last week so this weekend was a tad bit lazy!


I got a late start to my day on Saturday, but I still started my day off with my shake. I’ve only skipped one day since I began drinking them and I could definitely tell a difference in my energy levels when I did. 

It made me feel really good to actually see a difference so I know for sure that my money is going to quality product that actually works!


Shakeer and I spent the day watching movies with my mom and it was so relaxing! We started it out with Straight Outta Compton, one of my new favorite movies. I can’t get enough. It’s so good. 


We took a break from our movie marathon so I could fit my workout in at some point! We just went for a long walk in the neighborhood across the street. We didn’t go as long as I would have liked, but the humidity was terrible! 


Since I picked the first movie, it was Shakeer’s turn to pick the next one so when we got back turned Shutter on. Of course he picked a scary one! Thankfully it wasn’t really scary…


Sunday was an early morning and it felt like a perfect fall day so my mom and I headed out for a long walk. I live for mornings like this. 


Once we got back from our walk, I filled up on my Shakeo for breakfast and then started on my water. My water intake has been terrible lately and it’s a habit I’m really trying to get better about! 


I got an offer to take an amazing new job last week! I am so excited about this new adventure and to finally have the opportunity to work for an amazing company. I’ll have a job I can enjoy going to everyday and I’ve never had that before so I can’t wait to start! 

This job is really professional and I don’t own any nice business attire so I went on a shopping spree and got a load of really cute, funky, but professional clothes to start wearing. I felt so much better about myself once I slipped into these clothes. I can’t wait to throw on all of my new outfits. 


After our shopping my mom and I came home to watch the Lions VS Colts game while I worked. It was an awesome start to the season!!

Have a great week!

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