Recap: Piggies & Shopping

I’ve really been working on keeping up with photos for my blog over the past week and it hasn’t been easy. 

I’m going to throwback all the way to last Saturday!


But first… that face.


I’ve been in the mood to go to the mall lately so early Saturday morning Shakeer and I went mall walking. It was a rainy day so it was perfect for being active inside. 

I’ve already had my eye on some Halloween costumes. Shakeer had his eye on a few that I did not approve of. Those Purge ones are SO CREEPY, but he had a lot of fun with them. 


This is my favorite store in the entire mall. It’s all made by local artists and it’s the perfect place to go for any Detroit themed items!


The skies finally cleared up later on in the day so we were able to head out for a walk too. 



Early Monday morning I got up and headed outside. I love walking and being able to see the sunrise across the water. It’s so peaceful and relaxing and it’s an easy way to get some steps in. 


Once I got back I had my morning protein shake and sat outside while the dogs played for a little while. 


After my workout I had to get showered and dressed for my first day at my new job. I was so excited to start a new adventure. 

The rest of my week just disappeared. I was completely focused on my new job and just trying to take it all in. My hours were crazy and there was just so much happening. I absolutely loved the work environment I was in and the people were awesome, but the actual job was different than I had originally thought. 

The tasks made me really uncomfortable and it felt far too “salesy.” It just didn’t make me happy so at the end of the week I opted out of the position. 

On Saturday I felt like a weight had been lifted knowing that I didn’t have to be uncomfortable at work anymore. I got to spend the entire day running errands with my mom and grandma. 


One of our first stops was Tropical Smoothie. I haven’t been there in forever and it’s usually not my top choice, but I was starving. I got the Triple Berry with protein, minus the sugar. If you go remember that “no sugar” is an option. TS adds sugar to sweeten up the smoothie, but you can opt out of that to make it healthier. 


Sunday was really relaxing. Shakeer, my mom, my friend Amy, and I all watched the Lions game together after I got some work done in the morning. 

After we watched the Lions lose… my mom, Shakeer, and I went up to the pet store to look around. 

I’ve wanted guinea pigs forever. I know it’s kinda weird to want them so badly, but I just adore them. I had them when I was younger and I think they’re just so sweet and fun. 


Honestly, I went to just look at my options and get some ideas for what I might be interested in getting, then I found these two…

I didn’t plan on actually purchasing anything for at least another month or so, but I fell in love. 


I grabbed everything they would need and took them over to my grandma’s to set up their home. I want to wait until I’m moved and settled in my place to stay with them so I know my grandma’s is a safe place for them. Plus, she only lives about 2 minutes down the road so I can still be with them and care for them daily. 



The brown and black on is Calvin and the black, white, and brown one is Shea. 




Since I was at my grandma’s, I had to visit with Sharon and Kelly. 

Kelly is getting so big and all of her gray fur has turned black just like her mom’s. 



Sharon has completely come out of her shell. She runs around like a wild woman. She also loves to attack your phone when you attempt to take a picture. 


And Kelly likes to get really close and sniff the phone….

I love having so many fur babies. Animals bring so much joy and happiness. 

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