Recap & The Ultimate Reset

I have been having the weirdest week. I haven’t been at my normal job so I’ve been really off track, but I’ve loved working from home! I’m taking advantage of every second!


And being able to be home with the dogs has been so nice. Who wouldn’t wanna spend everyday with that face?!


My entire Monday consisted of hanging out with the dogs and working.


We all definitely got a lazy start the next morning. I could not get Bella’s butt out of bed. 



Once I finally did we headed over to visit with the kitties while I worked. 



They’re learning to get along. 




When I got home I had my shake for dinner!


The next morning I rewrote my goals before I got to work. I’ve found that on the days I write out my goals and my reasons for hitting those goals, I’m most successful. I work harder when I’m reminded of what I want.


Michigan has been rainy for like 5 days straight. I feel like I’m in Seattle, but it’s perfect for two things; working inside and being lazy!


Shakeer and I had to stop at the store and I knew I wouldn’t feel like cooking anything when I got home so we just picked up a couple salads. 


As soon as we got back home my pajamas were on and a movie was playing.


I love rainy days!


The rest of our day consisted of laying in bed and having a Bones marathon on Netflix. 



Since I had a lazy Thursday, I had to get back to work on Friday. I finalized all the details in my health & fitness challenge group on Facebook! It starts to tomorrow and I’m so excited to be hosting this time. October will be an awesome month. 


Life has had me off track and stressed out for about a month now. When I get stressed, I get lazy and I eat and that’s a huge problem. I know life isn’t going to get any easier for at least the next two months so I’ve just been working to make the best of it. 

With everything going on, I’ve been off track with my eating, working out as little as possible, sick with a cold, struggling with a constant headache, completely fatigued, unable to sleep through the night, and the list goes on and on. 

I’ve had the 3 Day Refresh sitting in my pantry for a few weeks now just waiting for the right time to do it. I decided today that I’m tired of feeling like crap. I miss feeling refreshed, energized, and being on the go! So tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday I’ll be completing the Refresh. 

The Refresh just isn’t enough for me right now though. In addition to that, I just ordered the ULTIMATE RESET! I can’t believe I did it, but I really did and I’m so proud of myself. 

I’ll be starting as soon as I get back from my little getaway. Instead of focusing on my weight loss right now, I need to focus on the mental and emotional aspect of my journey. I need to cleanse myself and get rid of the negativity, chemicals, and toxins in my body. 

I need a fresh start to eliminate my cravings and bad habits. 

I need to be me again!

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