How To Get Sh*t Done!

One of my biggest issues for a long time was finding the time, the motivation, and the tools I needed in order to accomplish everything I needed to in a day. If you’re having these issues as well, here are some awesome tips to get you back on track. 

Wake up early: The earlier I start my day, the better! I get a lot more work done in the morning rather than later on in the afternoon or evening. No matter what time I start working, if it’s later in the day I can feel myself slowing down and losing my focus.

Write out your goals each and every day: I literally mean every day. At least for a little while, and then move to writing them out once a week. It’s amazing how much harder you work with your long list of scary goals right beside you.

Read your goals out loud daily: This is something you should continue to do daily. Pound those goals into your mind so that they’re always lingering around. It’s the best type of motivation. On those days when you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to drive to work, you don’t want to workout, whatever it may be, if you read those goals out loud, it’ll motivate you!
Here are mine…

Hit goal weight by July
Finish my second book by March
Become a diamond coach by May
Pay off all of my debt by May
Hit Success club in October
Have 2,000 Instagram followers by February
Work from home full-time by December 2017
Get 3,000 blog views by February
Release 3 blogs per week
Pray & read my Bible daily 

Update your goals: Whenever you rewrite your goals whether it’s daily or weekly, you can change them! You don’t have to stick to the same goals. Some of my goals change weekly! For example, one of my goals I wrote down was hit promotion number 2 at my brand new job by May. Unfortunately, I hated the job I had to do so I tried it for one week, but felt far too uncomfortable, so I opted to leave. I rewrote my goals and obviously got rid of that one. My focus changed and that’s okay. It’ll happen more often than you think.

Write down your ‘reasons’ or your ‘why’: I think this is one of the most important steps you could possibly take. Write down WHY you’re doing these things.
Here are mine…

Less financial stress
Be my own boss
Have my health back
Travel more
Get a house
Work from home
Pay to finish school without student loans
Pay off my student loans that I already have
Be an inspiration to others
Lead a team
Be more confident
Write, blog, and coach full-time 

Find an app that works: I’m a paper & pen kind of person, but I’m working really hard to use technology because, well… it’s the 21st century. I heard about an amazing app called anote (available in the app store). It cost me $4.99 but it was well worth it! It organizes every list I’ve ever made and keeps me on track! 

Some of my lists include:
This Week
Challenge Group Ideas
Social Media Posts
Blog Post Ideas

If there’s something I want to keep track of, I jot it down in my app. I must admit that it is pretty nice to always have my lists right there on my phone because I ALWAYS have my phone with me. 

Have a work space: My favorite workspace is my dining room table. It gives me plenty of space, I can’t see the TV from there, and it’s one of the best lit rooms of the house. 

Prioritize: Your number one goal is to make another $1,000 to put a down payment on a house. Okay? But today is one of those days where you just really “don’t feel like” being at work. Is that getting you to your goal of $1,000 more?! No way! Remind yourself of that house and how badly you want it. That’s a priority to you, so treat it like one! 

Do some personal Development: Since I started coaching, I’ve done personal development daily and it has done wonders for my work ethic and motivation. Right now, I am reading The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy, Millionaire School by Matt Morris, I’m almost done with the 30 Day Push by Chalene Johnson, and my newest book, The 12 Week Year should be here tomorrow! 
I never thought I’d be reading these types of books or doing these challenges, but it’s changing my mindset and truly setting me up for success!

What are your goals?

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