On Island Time…


Shakeer and I were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pretty early on Thursday so we got to watch the sunrise as we walked to breakfast. That view is something I could get used to waking up to everyday! 

I am adding “Have a house on Mackinac” to my bucket list! It’ll have an office overlooking the water. 



We ended up going to the Seabiscuit Cafe. It was a really nice atmosphere and we were the only ones in there when we got there. 



I got an order of the biscuits and gravy and it was awesome! 


Shakeer got the breakfast wrap and said it was really good. 

I only ate about half of mine because I knew we were about to have a really active day and I didn’t want that heavy meal in my stomach. 


After breakfast we walked to the bike rental. 


We headed out on our 8 mile ride around the island! It was one of my favorite parts of our trip. We got some exercise in, got to look at a beautiful view the entire way around, we got to explore, and we had a lot of fun! 






Sweaty post-ride selfie.


After we finished our 8 miles we stopped at the Butterfly House. I kind of remembered it from when I was little, so I wanted to check it out again. 







It was a fun little activity and cheap, too. 


After the butterfly house we rode to Fort Mackinac. 


The view from the top is amazing. 



The fort wasn’t as exciting as I remember. I love learning history, but hate reading every single little plaque. I think a tour of the fort would have been better!


After the fort, we were pretty hungry so we headed down to the island pizzeria. 


We both ordered a calzone and it was fantastic. 

After lunch, we hopped back on our bikes and went to go explore the trails. I didn’t realize at the time just how many of them were UP HILL. I was dying. My thighs were burning so badly. 


After our bike ride of death (too dramatic?) we hopped on a carriage tour and that one of my other favorite parts. I loved hearing the history of the island and our guide was really entertaining. Plus, after all that bike riding, I needed to sit! My butt and my legs were killing me!



We headed back to the inn to shower and get ready for the evening. At some point during our trip I wanted to go out to a nice dinner so Shakeer picked a place on the island and I told him I didn’t want to know where we were going. I wanted to be surprised. 




He took me to Goodfellows and it was the perfect choice. The food was phenomenal. I ordered their chicken parmesan sandwich. It was delicious!

We had every intention of going back to the inn after dinner and watching a show on netflix or something before bed, but I didn’t even get that far. I laid down on the bed and passed out! 


Our last day was by far our laziest. We spent most of it wandering through town again and we both got some work done at the inn. Work doesn’t stop on vacation…

Caddywampus is officially my favorite store on the island. They have the coolest items and it’s one of the few stores that is actually unique. I got the coolest to-do lists there! 

We didn’t really want to sit in a restaurant again, so we opted to grab a pizza and walk back to the room. It was so nice to just be able to relax and do whatever we wanted. No time schedule, no obligations. 

Our “dinner” was at like 3 PM. Later on in the evening we walked into town for one last ice cream cone. It was so good and worth every calorie. I got a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of moose tracks.

I’m back to behaving myself today now that vacation is over, so I definitely splurged this week!

Questions for you:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Where are you going on your next vacation?
What is your favorite thing to have on your not so healthy days?

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