Ditching the Scale

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling with the whole process of weight loss lately. I was venting to a friend about my feelings earlier in the week and I mentioned to her that I really feel like I look pretty good and like I’ve come a long way, but according to the scale, I’m just going backwards. 

Her response was “What are you thinking? The scale is just a number! Numbers don’t matter!”

Over the next few days I did a lot of thinking about what she said and I realized just how right she was. I had always known that the scale shouldn’t be the one and only way you check your progress, but I began to rely on it far too much. 

After doing some thinking I realized just how detrimental the scale has been to my journey. I thought back to when I hit my lowest weight ever. Instead of using it as motivation to push forward, I looked at it as a huge goal that needed a reward like overeating and “treating myself” all day, everyday. In my eyes I had wiggle room to fall back into old habits for a few days, but a few days turned into a few months. 

I worry that if I continue using the scale I’ll base my journey purely off of my weight and it will rule my life. I’ve seen the negative side effects of using the scale so I’ve decided to ditch it! 

I don’t know when I’ll ever weigh myself again. It’s just indefinite for now. Hopefully it’ll be one day when I’m feeling like my healthiest, most confident self. It really is about feeling your best! 

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