Going Sugar Free!

There hasn’t been a ton going on in my life since my last update post, Tis The Season. But, there has been a ton happening in my mind! 

Just yesterday I wrote a post about wanting to DITCH THE SCALE! Say, what? No scale on a weight loss journey? That’s right! If you haven’t already, you can check the link to find out why! 

In addition to making that change, I’ve also made another decision. If you keep up with my posts, you know that I’ve struggled more with my journey over the past few months than I have since it began over three years ago. 

I keep going back and digging deeper and deeper into why I do well, then struggle. It feels as if it’s out of my control and feeling so helpless is terrible. Over the past couple of days, in addition to deciding to stay away from the scale to help my mentality, I also decided to go old turkey and completely change my diet. 

I’m doing a full sugar detox…

Sugar is actually a more addictive substance than cocaine or alcohol. After doing some research, I found a lot of really interesting articles written by doctors to read over before I made my decision. This is something I’ve considered for a pretty long time, but I’ve never been willing to give up so many sugary foods that I’ve always enjoyed. 

Giving those up, even temporarily, is a tough decision to make. Breaking those habits is pretty tough but I know that the only way to manage my cravings and break my terrible habits is to get rid of that addiction. I’ve known this for a long time, but like I mentioned, I haven’t been willing to commit and it’s about damn time. 

It’s time that I commit to my health, my fitness, and my happiness.

I’m waiting until the holidays are over and then beginning my detox on Monday, January 2nd. I considered waiting until the following week, but I have a StepBet with my Facebook group (comment below if you’re interested) starting on the 15th and I’d like to make sure my withdrawal symptoms are not in full swing during my StepBet. I’ll be on my sugar detox for two weeks, but that may change depending on how my body and mind are adjusting. 

To be honest, the idea of losing out on my favorite sugary food isn’t even on my mind. I have a long list of yummy foods and awesome recipes that will keep me satisfied and on track. My biggest concern is the withdrawal. I know that I’m going to have a very hard time and my body will not react well to this change at first, but it needs to be done! I know that once my body releases the toxins, it will be so worth it. 

I am so beyond ready to make this positive change, watch my body slim down, clear my mind, and rejuvenate myself. 

Have you ever done/considered a sugar detox before?
What is the most difficult thing for you to give up?

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