Workouts, Planners, & Life Changes

My blog has been one of my last priorities over the past few months. I’ve let go of the things I love and truly lost who I am in the process. Once I get through the holidays and feel a little more settled I feel like I’ll really be able to buckle down. 

In case you haven’t noticed, my life has gotten so weird lately. Over the past four months I have switched jobs twice, I’m about to move, I’ve lost poisonous friendships, let myself go (health wise) and even ended my three year relationship. 

I usually struggle when big changes happen in my life and this year has been no different. As hard as some of these changes may have been to overcome, I know that every single one of them happened for a reason. I’ve learned not to regret any of the decisions I make in my life as long as they are what is best for me and my happiness. That’s what is always most important. 

For the longest time, I knew that things weren’t right in my life. Everything just felt off and I couldn’t seem to figure out why. After all of these changes, I finally realized that I just needed a clean slate in every aspect of my life. I need to start over and start fresh by removing all of the toxins from my life. 

I’m choosing joy over pain. 
I’m choosing happiness over loneliness. 
I’m choosing laughter over tears. 

There are days when things get really difficult and moments where stress starts creeping back in, but then I remember how strong I truly am. I got rid of the people in my life who underestimated my strength and it’s about damn time I prove just how much I’ve got. 

I’m so excited to travel more, go back to school, go to more concerts, go to the movies, or to the amusement park, or on a day trip. I want to be care-free and not have to worry about pleasing anyone else for a while. 

It’s time for me to be me again and I am so proud of myself for making that decision.


Now, with all of that being said, I’ll do the best I can with what I’ve got to make an update post! I slack on my pictures and that’s the biggest problem!



Last Friday I got my manuscript for my second book back. It’s ready for the first round of edits. I’ll be doing my own edits and then I’ll send it off to my editor to have another set of eyes look it over. I’m waiting to go over it again until I’m moved and settled though. I want a new environment to look it over in. 



Last Saturday I came across the best concoction. I hate (and I do mean HATE) the taste of plain Greek yogurt, but I know it’s a great protein-packed snack and so easy to grab at work. I came across a tip that finally allows me to have my yogurt! Just use a couple drops of water enhancer and mix it into your yogurt and it tastes awesome without the extra sugar in flavored yogurt. 


Sunday morning I went into work from 4 AM – noon and then went back Sunday night to work 11 PM – 7 AM. Those shifts about killed me. I had something to do on Monday which is why I had those crazy shifts and didn’t get home until after 6 Monday evening. 


I had a cup of soup and big salad to get me through the day. 



I was so excited to get home on Tuesday. My Erin Condren planner had finally arrived! It’s gorgeous, functional, and worth every penny. 



I think I spent about two hours flipping through it and filling it out with birthdays, blog plans, editing jobs, Facebook group plans, and more. Dorky as it may be, I had so much fun doing it! 

I ended up passing out at 5 on Wednesday night. I just really needed to catch up on my sleep and rest for a while. I was up early on Thursday with a day off, ready to work at home! All morning I got caught up on my work and ran an errand around lunchtime. After I got home I threw on my workout clothes, grabbed my iPod, and got a 45 minute workout in. 

I can’t remember the last time I worked up a good sweat. It felt so good! I’m so glad I decided to get back into it. I know I need to make it a daily habit again and I’m positive now is the perfect time! I’m so glad I’m making this part of my routine again. 

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