Reflecting on 2016

One of the best things about having a blog is being able to look back on your life and remember the most special moments.

It’s easy to forget the little things you enjoyed in life; the small moments that made you smile.

Since this is the first New Year since starting my blog I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite posts and moments of 2016!

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May 5, 2016: I launched Fit & Flawed! I have attempted so many blogs and so many websites, but none of them felt right until I published F&F. It’s been a wonderful and successful 8 months and I can’t wait to see where my blog will end up in 2017. 


May 17, 2016: I love looking back at old photos of Coby. He was such a little nugget and I can’t believe how big he has gotten this year. He’s almost a year old!


May 22, 2016: This is one of my favorite recap posts that I’ve ever done. There was nothing crazy or special that happened, but it is bright, colorful, and I know that this is one of the times I was at my healthiest and most focused. I was truly focused on my health and I feel really proud of that. 




July 28, 2016: At the end of July I jetted off to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras for my first Habitat for Humanity trip. It was a beautiful trip that I know I will never forget. 


August 19, 2016: I went and saw Shinedown for the third time. I swear they put on one of the best shows! I love when I get the chance to sing at the top of my lungs and no one looks at me funny. 


August 23, 2016: My mom and I adopted Sharon and Kelly from a rescue!


September 4, 2016: I went to Arts, Beats, & Eats to see Joan Jett and Buckcherry!


September 26, 2016: I brought Calvin and Shea home!


October 9, 2016: One of my ultimate highlights of 2016 was going up to Mackinac Island. It is one of my favorite places in the world and I am constantly saying how badly I want to go back!

What was your favorite memory from 2016?

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