My Life Binder

I stumbled across the idea of a Life Binder a while back on Pinterest and I loved the idea! I’ve been using my own for over a month and it has changed the way I work and my productivity level. When everything is laid out and organized, I’m a lot more motivated to get to work.


The first step to making my Life Binder was to put some pretty colors and inspiration on the front. These are words that I love to remind myself of everyday!



My first tab is my food journal! I struggle to keep up with it on a daily basis, but I try! It’s easier to stick to when everything is all in one place. 

*** I downloaded this template from Organized Chaos Online ***


My next really important tab is labeled “healthy habits.” These are all things I need to do on a daily basis in order to become more successful with my blog, my writing, my editing, my health, Facebook group, and personal life! It helps to have a copy for each day to help keep me on track. 


This tab is my personal favorite in my entire binder. My goals! Hitting these small goals are going to get me to my big life goals and it’s so important for me to have them close to look at every single day. I need that constant reminder. 

I’m also going to create a chart for each goal to help me keep track visually!


If you know me, you know that I love my bucket list! My Life Binder is the perfect place to check off all the cool things I want to do & keep them organized!


This year I found a new blog planner to use for 2017 from I love the way it’s organized by week instead of by month! It also gives me plenty of room to write and plan! 


For now, I have a tab for my editing clients and another tab where I put my client’s projects once they’re complete. Eventually, as I get more and more clients, I’ll be making a separate binder to keep track of them! 


I also have a tab where I keep all of my writing! I have packets from my writing retreat, tax information, and more. 


The next tab is strictly for writing notes. If I come up with a plot idea, a new character, a title, anything; I can put it in here! So far I have notes for three books, plus plot summaries for four others in here! 


My money tab is where I keep a list of debt and bills. Instead of using a program online, I like to keep a paper trail. 


My password log is a life saver! It helps me stay on top of all the accounts, websites, and passwords I need to keep everything going. 


Last but not least, I have a tab to keep track of all the challenges I coordinate for my Fit & Flawed group on Facebook! If you’re every interested in joining, just send a request!

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