March – August 2017: Better Late Than Never

The last year has been scary, exciting, and life altering. I feel like so much has happened in the last year that it’s hard to keep up with it all. I have a lot of photos to share since I’ve been gone for the past four or five months. I also have a lot of updates to do on the blog as well. I have continued to allow myself to reach a low, low point in my life and I’m not proud of that. In the last year, depression and anxiety have invaded my life and my mindset making it really hard to get up and be happy everyday.

I’ve needed a break, and now that I’ve had it, it’s time to get back on this horse. I gave a short little recap back in March and shared some exciting things like my move, my promotion at work, and the new man in my life! 

Looking back through old posts and pictures has made me miss the adventure, the motivation, and the happiness I once had each and everyday. I want that back and that’s why I’m here. But, for now let me catch you up on some of the things I’ve been up to!


Back in July, I went to Downtown Detroit with a group of friends for a bachelorette party! 


We took a pub bike around town for two hours!



The bride; my friend, Shelby! We had so much fun!


Since our ride was so early, only one bar was open. I stuck with just one mimosa because I had to drive home soon! After our ride was over we walked a couple blocks to Five Guys and enjoyed some burgers. I left Detroit around one and headed over to Will’s for the afternoon. 


The wedding was one week later, and Will definitely had to get his haircut that morning. He’s been going to the same man, Mr. Cliff, his entire life and absolutely refuses to let anyone cut his hair! 

After his haircut we stopped for lunch and headed back home to get ready for the wedding. It was over an hour away, but it was absolutely beautiful. 


It was so nice to catch up with old friends! 


Will and I ditched a little early because I was absolutely exhausted. 


I’ll totally own up to this; my eating habits have been absolutely terrible and workouts have been nonexistent. I’ve been super busy, but I know it’s no excuse. I’ve just allowed myself to get back into terrible habits. 


But I have loved meeting up with old friends in the process! I met my friend, Sam for dinner and sangrias one night after work! 



I love what a goof he is. Through it all, I’m extremely thankful for the laughter that has been brought into my life for the last six months. 




And one of Will’s favorite things in the world is basketball, so we’ve been playing a lot! I love that he helps get me active. We don’t get active nearly enough though, but it’s something we’re both working on. 



Shelby’s wedding was the second we attended this year. 



My friend Karla also got married and it was one of the best weddings I have ever been to! We had so much fun laughing and dancing!


This was when one of Will’s friends, John, tagged along to dinner one night. Boys will be boys…


And this is my brother and I with our mom on Mother’s Day this year. 


And this is Kelly & Sharon’s favorite place; the bathtub. 




And just the other day on Thursday Will and I spent the day relaxing before heading out to lunch and then walking the mall. We actually paid to sit in those massage chairs that you always see. And yes, it really was worth it! 

I’ve also been spending a lot of time out with my friend Krystal as well, but have completely slacked on pictures! The rest of my time is spent working and editing. 

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do in general, but I’m thankful that I recognize that! Better late than never! 


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